‘All Things Water’: Water Expert Ron LeBlanc Joins SEH Denver

October 26, 2016

Ron LeBlanc, PE, has joined SEH in Denver, Colorado, as our newest water and wastewater technical expert and business development resource.

For 34 years, Ron has been working with public and private clients on a range of engineering, environmental, water quality and wastewater projects

Ron knows all things water. He’s widely regarded in the industry as a technical expert in water quality and treatment processes — a great addition to our team.
John Simmer, SEH vice president and regional leader

Ron has practiced engineering in Colorado for more than a decade and understands local issues that are important to clients. His Colorado experience, which is far-reaching, includes work with utilities and water agencies — from small communities to tribal agencies to major urban centers. His passion for economical and innovative engineering solutions has earned him a strong reputation throughout the Rocky Mountain region.

“What’s important to me is taking care of our water resources and our communities,” said Ron.

How work in a laboratory led to a diverse career

Ron’s career began as an analytical chemist at a small independent water quality laboratory. His interest in water chemistry and water quality led him to pursue graduate education in environmental engineering where he capitalized on his water quality experience.

His work at the University of Arizona – Tucson was a stepping stone to engineering. As a graduate research assistant, he served as an instructor for water quality analytical methods. He also spent several years as a faculty member in the Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering. He trained teaching assistants, consulted with researchers and provided QA/QC for EPA research projects. After earning his master’s degree, he went to work for a global engineering consultant in California.

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Calling Colorado home

Ron grew up in Massachusetts where he received his Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences from the University of Massachusetts. After several years as an analytical chemist, Ron decided to expand his horizons and pursue graduate school at the University of Arizona, where he received his Master of Science in Civil Engineering.

For a few years, he worked with a global consulting firm and lived in Pasadena, California — long enough to experience four major earthquakes, riots and nearby fires. These events helped guide Ron back to work as a research faculty in environmental engineering at the University of Arizona. 

Ultimately, Colorado proved to be home for Ron, his wife and kids. Each vacation spent in Colorado made them realize just how much they enjoyed the state. “We considered Colorado our playground whenever we vacationed here,” said Ron. “So we asked, why not live in our playground and move here?” And that’s exactly what they did.

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