Wisconsin: 3 Ways to Pay for Your 2018 Infrastructure Improvements

Are you planning for infrastructure projects or park and recreation improvements in 2018? Here are three programs available that could help make them possible.

The three programs can help pay for:

  • Storm water management planning
  • Outdoor park and recreation improvements
  • Certain infrastructure and planning projects

Below, you’ll find the funding sources and their application due dates.

  • WDNR Urban Non-Point Source and Stormwater (UNPS) – Planning – Due April 15, 2017
  • Get up to 50% funding for urban area stormwater management planning.
  • WDNR Stewardship Program – Due May 1, 2017
  • Get up to 50% funding for your outdoor park and recreation improvements.
  • Community Development Block Grant – Public Facilities and Planning – Due mid-late May, 2017
  • Get up to 50% funding for eligible infrastructure and planning projects.

The key to success? Apply early

If you want to capitalize on these opportunities, start the application process early. While you may be several months from embarking on 2018 construction projects, each program requires cost estimates, pre-planning and some actions to be taken by your municipality, so the deadline to receive funding for those projects is now.

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About the Expert

Brad Hentschel

Brad Hentschel, AICP, is an SEH community development and project funding specialist dedicated to connecting communities with the funding they need to make improvement possible. Contact Brad

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